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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Life Cycle

You may have read or heard how difficult it can be to get rid of Bedbugs; and with an ill-considered approach it can be.

However at T3, we use a very scientific approach to the most recent outbreak of bed bugs. Our Bed Bug Division has a very systematic approach to helping our clients rid their households of bed bug infestations.

Some pest control companies may offer only one form of treatment. T3 Pest offers many treatment options because each situation is different. We partner with you to find the best treatment for your problem.

This enables our bed bug program to have a very high success rate and eliminate even the worst infestation. Working closely with our clients to allow them to be a part of the solution provides a faster, quicker way to eradicate bed bugs.

Bed bug elimination is a partnership – together we can get rid of bed bugs and prevent them from coming back.

What Can I Expect From T3 Pest?

When you call T3 for bed bug control and elimination, you can expect a bed bug specialist to do a free inspection of the home or bring in a bed bug detection dog to confirm there is an infestation. Once the extent of the infestation is identified, the specialist will go over the various treatment options and recommend the best option for you based on how severe the problem really is. Whether bed bugs are contained to specific room or throughout the home or business, the specialist will recommend the bed bug treatment that suits your needs. We’re so confident that your bed bug problem will be solved, we put a lengthy guarantee on every one of our bed bug treatment methods. You’ll also learn bed bug prevention tips and techniques which will help you avoid reinfesting your home.

Here are some of the bed bug treatments and processes T3 Pest uses to get rid of bed bugs:

Bed Bug Dogs - A pest management professional with a properly-trained bed bug dog can achieve a detection rate of up to 90% compared to 40% without a trained dog. A properly-trained dog can detect bed bugs faster and more accurately than any other method - saving time and money for large facilities and homes - leading to lower remediation costs. Click here to learn more about bed bug dogs.

Conventional Treatment – This is the most popular treatment because of its effectiveness and affordability. It involves 2 insecticide treatments within a week time period to treat all cracks/crevices affiliated with the bed frame, electrical outlets, headboards, door frames and baseboards of infested and targeted areas. All products uses are registered and applied in accordance to EPA label specifications. This treatment comes with a 30 day service guarantee after the second treatment!

Hepa Vacuum – This is a great way to physically remove any live eggs, nymphs or adult bed bugs that may contain any allergy triggering fragments and cast skins. The vacuum is used to treat all areas of the room/home, similar to the conventional treatment.

Heat Treatment – Heat is a proven bed bug killer and is known for its effectiveness, ease of preparation, and same day treatment. Learn more by going to the bed bug heat treatment page.

Freeze Treatment – Cryonite freezing can be used as an alternative to chemicals and is applied similarly to the conventional treatment. Applying carbon dioxide snow to the cracks and crevices throughout the structure, it essentially “freezes” the bed bugs in an environmentally friendly and hygienic way. Cryonite is very popular for commercial buildings like hotels, food plants, hospitals, museums, sacred buildings, trains, and offices. Learn more about commercial bed bug control.

With the proper treatment and application, you do not have to throw out your expensive mattresses, box springs and pillows if you have bed bugs.

Call T3 today and learn which option is best for you. We'll provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Call Now!

What Not To Do When You Find Bedbugs?

Don't panic.

Do not apply pesticides — You are legally liable if you misapply a pesticide, or apply it without a license to the property of another (including common spaces in apartment buildings). Generally, landlords, owners and building managers cannot legally apply pesticides. They should, instead, hire a licensed pest control operator to confirm the infestation and to develop an integrated pest management plan.

Do not dispose of furniture that is useful- Infested furniture can be cleaned and treated. Placing infested furniture (particularly mattresses) into common areas or on the street may simply help spread bed bugs to the homes of other people. Infested furniture intended for disposal should be defaced to make it less attractive to other people. Officials in some municipalities affix labels to potentially infested furniture to warn of bed bugs. To reduce opportunities of infested furniture re-entering their building, building managers should ensure that any disposed furniture is locked within a dumpster or immediately carted away to a landfill or waste facility.

What Is It Like Working With Us?

We understand that having bed bugs is a stressful time, so we try to do everything we can to make you comfortable and at ease when doing business with us.  Here is a letter sent to us by one of our customers who had bed bugs. We hope this will give you a glimpse into what to expect if you decide to call us to eliminate bed bugs in your home or business.

Mr. Anthony J Fortunato, Co-Owner
T3 Pest Services
122 Clinton Road, Suite 1A
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Dear Anthony,

It was very nice meeting and a pleasure doing business with you. I want to thank you and your incredible staff for tackling the herculean job of hopefully ridding my condo of bed bugs (especially my living room sofa bed where they were prevalent; having bred there unbeknownst to me for at least seven months!). Since the process was completed, I keep looking down on my clothes while reclining on the sofa at night to see if a bug is crawling across my body (as happened in the recent past) but am very happy to report that, as of this writing, I haven't seen any sign of them. Thank heavens!

Each member of your company that I had the pleasure of dealing with including you and your son showed great restraint and were courteous, patient, and very understanding. I was a nervous wreck over the whole ordeal. Here are a few observations of the professionalism of your staff:

Office Staff
They handled all the appointments, cancellations (due to inclement weather), and the rescheduling of appointments to accommodate my needs in a very efficient and pleasant manner. When I had questions regarding procedures that they didn't know the answers to, they would always investigate and get back to me in a timely manner with the correct information.
Anthony, Jr.,
Did a superb job of explaining the whole process from beginning to end. He was very knowledgeable, personable, helpful, and patient with me.
John Misiak
Couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. He handled the huge job (with the help of Anthony, Jr and Shawn) of moving from both floors of my townhouse all my heat-sensitive items (of which many were boxed and very heavy) to and from my attached garage with ease and care and with nary a complaint.
Shawn Aughey
Deserves special kudos for his unending and thorough efforts to get rid of the well-embedded bed bugs. He pulled my sofa bed apart and saturated every crack and crevice from every conceivable angle with a variety of chemicals to ensure success and, after at least four or five visits, has finally achieved his goal. After completing each job, he carefully and neatly put the majority of things back in place. I was very impressed with his vast knowledge of the habits and lifestyle of the bed bug and his determination to succeed He is a gem, very congenial and outgoing. In addition, he always showed up at the beginning of the four hour window which was greatly appreciated.

I only wish I knew where the bed bugs came from so I could possibly prevent recurrence. My rating for the entire job and your efficient and knowledgeable staff is FIVE STARS! I would highly recommend your firm to anyone looking to rid their home of unwanted vermin. I consider myself very fortunate to have picked your name from the variety of pest control companies on the Internet based on your in-depth information. You can rest assured that if I have any future problems with any variety of pest, I will definitely call on you to handle the job of eradicating them. Keep up the good work and best wishes for your continued success.

Thank You again for being so kind and helpful.



Nancy Sweet