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Bradley Beach, NJ

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Bradley Beach, NJ

Date: 08/04/2014


I first contacted T3 because my daughter came in contact with bed bugs while in Asia. I had just moved and purchased brand new beds and bedding. I was so fearful she would return with them. Prior to her arriving home, I went to make up her bed and found tiny little red things all over her mattress. I freaked. I was convinced they were bed bugs. They were in all the little creases of the mattress. It was Friday night well after business hours and the woman in the office was kind enough to take my call and look at pictures I emailed to her. The very next morning Tony (the owner) arrived and did a very thorough examination. It turned out to be tiny pieces of pollen that had come through the screen. I was so relieved. They also provided me with instructions on how to handle the return of my daughter from Asia. I followed their instructions. A few weeks later my daughter returned from Asia and was convinced that bed bugs were in her room. She collected (what she thought was bugs into a baggie). I called T3 and they returned again the next day. The tech searched the beds and examined the baggie to once again find NO bugs. Once again, I was so relieved. All this at absolutely no cost!!!! I can't begin to state how professional, courteous and pleasant the people at T3 were to me. I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone and although I hope I never need their services again, I would only call them!!!

- Mary Ann Z.